If you find yourself asking the following questions, then you may need to get an online marketing audit done soon:
  • What is my digital marketing strategy?
  • Are my SEO practices working?
  • Is my site able to convert the leads and/or sales according to targets set?
  • Do I have a unique selling proposition?
  • Does my USP reflect my business’s value proposition?
  • How do I measure my social media presence?
  • How well do I manage my intellectual brand assets?
  • What about mobile devices, does my website respond well on them?
  • Is my PPC advertising adequate?
  • What about my email marketing policies, conversion rate and ROI, are they justified for the efforts we as a team put in?

You clearly need to undertake a well structured audit of your marketing and sales activities as our experience has shown us that an effective marketing audit proves essential for developing an effective marketing strategy. We at webprosmedia understand that an online Marketing Audit Analysis forms an essential part of dealing with your customers.


A sound and in-depth marketing audit analysis provides you a solid base for any subsequent strategic development. Basically an online E-Marketing Audit consists of the study of all your e-marketing or internet marketing actions performed by you as an advertiser. This is focused on determining whether or not your e-marketing strategies are carried out diligently and it is delivering the much expected results in the given time frame. At webprosmedia we with our hands-on experience in digital marketing strategy formulation, online marketing, and web technology, internationally recognized brands, contemporary market players, and start-ups are a growing community of focused and professional minds. We bring to the table for the execution of this service, some of the most qualified and experienced IT geniuses and consultants who can detect and do away with any poorly structured or incompetent e-marketing actions and strategies. You have plenty of reasons to choose webprosmedia:

  • You get to determine the feasibility of your business model over the internet
  • With us you can easily evaluate your overall online marketing strategy
  • We help you determine whether or not your selected technology is best suited to achieve your stated conversion goals
  • You can assess the effectiveness and diligence of every online marketing action you run
  • We facilitate a comprehensive analysis of your website conversion platform from technical, usability and content perspectives
  • You can also assess the impact of your each e-marketing action on your target audience
  • Carefully thought out anomaly detection program and ROI analysis and subsequent suggestions for corrective actions

You don’t have to wait for a doubt to sprout in your head about the optimization level of all your marketing efforts. You can depend on webprosmedia to perform a thorough evaluation of the state of your project(s) at any given time.