Website Analytics

At Web Pros Media you get to know how to truly use website analytics in your favor. You must have often heard the term “website analytics” or “site statistics.” Do you ever wonder what exactly they mean? Bottom line is these are indeed useful to you and your business but before delving into what makes these important, let’s define them right here.

Well to put is straight, website analytics are what they do for your company. The measurement, analysis and reporting of the following factors is what it is all about:

  • Statistics on your regular visitors
  • Their mode of discovery of your website
  • Immediate impression and action of your visitor as soon as they land here
  • The sections of your site that interests them the most which leads us to where they went after they visit

How We Work?

  • We start by measuring the performance of your site and traffic using different tools, installing codes and software that help us collect data
  • On the launch of your site, measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs) helps us understand thoroughly well how your site performs and how effective your online marketing strategies are
  • The metrics our experienced marketing analytics employ center around visitor engagement, user intent, conversion, and your ROI (return on investment)
  • Our ongoing website analytics program focuses on Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics products. With a keen understanding of applications and leading technologies such as Google Analytics, Woopra, Spring Metrics, etc. we excel in every project we take
  • We can walk you through the implementation process and our support team is constantly coming up with newer ways and solutions to enhance your website’s conversion rate

Some factors that a successful website analytics process with Web Pros Media would assist you in are:

  • Understanding what search engines are sending the most traffic
  • Discovering the most important and relevant keywords for your business
  • Evaluation of your ROI for PPC and its comparison with search engine traffic
  • Realizing which of your online marketing campaigns leads to successful conversions

Why Choose Us

  • Web analytics services by we are one of the most effective means to leverage your web analytics data. As a marketer you can gain insights to not just how much traffic is being generated by your sites but also how that traffic gets there.
  • You can understand what and for how long your users are doing on your site. This is the intelligence you gain by associating with us and it can help you streamline and improve your marketing efforts and eventually your websites.
  • Steered by our skilled and keen analytics staff, Web Pros Media’s web analytics services will help you collect and leverage crucial data with the help of the most advanced analytics tools such as Clicky, Minty, Chartbeat, Kissmetrics, Usertesting, Mouse Flow, Crazy Frog and much more!
  • As a market leader in website analytics, we are at the technological forefront and believe in coming up with newer methodologies and testing more advanced technologies before any of our peers does. This is what stands us out of the crowd and makes us capable of delivering results on time, every time.